Global Simo is a global company for diversified services in Bangalore, India. We are a Consultancy Company for Companies, Universities, Colleges and Government organizations as well as individuals and families.


Our vision is to see a Forward-looking, Healthy, Educated and a Prosperous Younger Generation that becomes a force to reckon with on the global stage.


Our mission is to aid businesses, organisations, individuals and families by providing tangible needs to enable their contribution to society, in achieving the vision.


Transparency and Accountability

We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency. We try to be accountable and open in all our business practices. We believe Transparency breeds Trust.

Integrity and Impartiality

We act honestly, ethically and responsibly in all aspects of our business. We expect all of our staff to hold high ethical standards in all of their activities, both when doing business and in their personal life.

Quality and Excellence

We deliver value through performance, innovation and service quality. We embrace our responsibilities, enjoy the process of solving problems, provide effective solutions and added value to customers while striving for excellence in all that we do.

Diversity and Inclusion

True excellence requires that we are able to work and learn in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires each of us to continuously ensure our interactions be respectful, protect free speech and inspire creative freedom.


Whether you’re an Individual or family or company, university, colleges or government agency, whether you are based nationally, internationally or just around the corner, we can prove our team will fulfil your needs.

We are a group of passionate and experienced professionals who love doing our part in ensuring you enjoy your journey and celebrate success with you. Together we will face any challenge and help bring life to your dreams




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